Over the past five-plus years I have spoken at nearly 100 industry conferences and private business events across the U.S. and the U.K. for audiences of 30 to 1,000. These paid speaking engagements range from 10 to 90 minutes and are always customized to the event attendees. I'm known for my energy, enthusiasm and actionable talking points. Most things I talk about tend to examine consumers through a generational lens. Contact me for rates and availability. 

My most requested presentations include: 


DECODING YOUR CONSUMER - I break down the mindsets driving consumer expectations and thereby their behaviors, using current and historical trends as a reference and then offer guidelines on how to best harness those mindsets specific to your business.

BUILDING BRAND LOVE IN TODAY'S FRAGMENTED MARKETPLACE - I first level-set the most important factors for consumers when making purchase decisions, then I break down what sets apart the brands that tend to foster deep devotion and discuss how those principles can be applied to your brand/category.

PRESENTING THE PLURALS - THE FIRST GENERATION OF THE 21ST CENTURY - Often thought of as "super-Millennials," I break down the key societal shifts - including parenting dynamics - that are creating a completely new generation of consumers with their own expectations for brands (i.e. they are NOT just more-Millennialish).

THE KEYS TO MANAGING A MULTIGENERATIONAL WORKFORCE - I break down what's really driving the behaviors among young employees that are so frustrating and illuminate how simple shifts in communication and onboarding practices can improve employee morale, engagement and longevity, regardless of age.