Under Armor is doing so many things right.

The #IwillwhatIwant campaign is brilliant and clearly moving the needle for the brand (Under Armor is now firmly planted as the number two athletic apparel company in the United States, surpassing Adidas). Under Armor extending their brand image to encompass woman while maintaining their brand pillars of tough, competitive, strong, lasting.

Misty Copeland is the perfect brand ambassador. Her story is incredible and she embodies the notion of hard work, endurance and drive paying off - in a big way. This taps into a critical mindset among Millennial consumers - THE ME FILTER. Under Armor has crafted a narrative that feels relatable to everyone (who can't relate to crushed dreams and hoping to overcome when the odds are stacked against you?) while emphasizing its brand strengths.

I literally get chills every time I see the Misty Copeland spot, which is frequently because I use Under Armor a lot in my conference presentations and work with clients.